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The picturesque, 27-metre-high Pršjak Waterfall is the most beautiful and easily accessible waterfall in the treasury of the wild gorges and wonderful waterfalls in the Trebušica Valley.

Let the pristine nature entice you! The Veliki Pršjak waterfall is one of those pearls of nature that are accessible on foot. If your exploring spirit does not let you rest, if you are not afraid of heights and if you would like to experience the waterfalls of the Pršjak stream from an underwater perspective as well, you can decide on organised canyoning.

The Pršjak canyon, which was co-created by the clear strands of water of the stream bearing the same name, the green bowl-shaped pools and the slopes covered with carpets of the endemic Carniolan primrose, is an important natural treasure of Slovenia.


Pršjak Waterfall - ACCESS

How to access the Pršjak Waterfall? Turn towards Čepovan in Dolenja Trebuša. At the next crossroads, continue right and drive past the church in Dolenja Trebuša. A bit higher, turn slightly left in the direction of Gorenja Trebuša and the fish farm. Follow the road towards Gorenja Trebuša for another 3 kilometres and you will arrive at the parking area and the sign for the Pršjak Waterfall.

Gorenja Trebuša, slap Pršjak

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