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The masks of Lig are among the traditional Shrovetide mask of Slovenia. They originate from the settlement of Lig and the surrounding villages situated under the Kanalski Kolovrat area. The distinctive feature separating them from other Slovenian mask is that they are made of sheet metal. They were first made from copper sheet metal, but are nowadays made of aluminium.

The Masquerade Masks and costumes from Lig in the area of Kanalski Kolovrat have a real ethnological and cultural meaning.

All the masquerade costumes of the Liški pustje Ethnological Association are handmade, as well as the tinplate masks.

The tradition of making the Lig masks is being continued by Branko Žnidarčič. He has reconstructed the masks of the 19th century using the notes and paintings from the 1950s made by the painter and ethnologist Pavel Medvešček. These masks are made of copper sheet metal. 

The visitor can admire the masks during the whole year with a prior appointment with the president of the Ethnological Association. 

The masks of Lig are entered in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Masks manufactured after the World War Two are made of aluminium sheet, divided into beautiful and ugly:

The carnival masks from the 19th century are made of copper sheet:

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